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Business Security: The Spectrum of Solutions

While securing your home and family is crucial, securing your business or place of work is just as important. Whether you’re a business owner, in charge of loss prevention, or just an employee looking for ways to improve security, it’s important to be aware of and pass on potential improvements that can help protect your workplace environment, coworkers, and assets. In the business world, … [Read More...]


Give your door the support it needs!

We've mentioned in the past that one of the ways burglars can access your home is by kicking the door in and the benefits of upgrading your locks to help prevent this. Along with high security locks, you may also want to invest in some aftermarket security components that will increase your security further. Here are a few we recommend: Heavy duty strike plates that reinforce the door frame: … [Read More...]


To Replace or Rekey?

A common misconception when requesting service for your locks is requesting to replace the entire lock instead of just rekeying (or resetting) the lock. When you feel your security is compromised by someone that you don’t know has a key to your home, the initial reaction is to change your locks. While that’s possible, in most cases it’s recommended to just rekey your locks. Rekeying is the process … [Read More...]

dawson safe and lock backyard burglar

Tips for a more secure back yard

Your back yard is probably one of your family’s favorite places to spend time, whether you’re going for a swim, playing a game, or just relaxing outside barbecuing or getting some sun. However your back yard could be an overlooked area when it comes to security.  Thieves look for the easiest entry point into your home that carries the least amount of risk of being noticed. What better way to gain … [Read More...]


Innovative Security Options for Your Home

The technology advancements of security products have grown in the past years and have created many new innovative ways to secure your home and family. If you want to upgrade your security, you may want to consider some high-tech options. Below are a few – not all – innovative security products and services. Keyless entry Keyless entry and touchscreen locks come in a wide range of technology. … [Read More...]


Master Keying Your Home

If you’re allowing more and more people to have a key to your home – from housekeepers to friends and family – increased key control is crucial. Instead of rekeying the locks on every door to be alike, you may want to consider implementing a master key system. Master keying allows you to have greater key control by providing people keys to only to specific areas you want them to access. An … [Read More...]

Best of the Woodlands 2015 - Best Home and Commercial Security

We’re the Best of the Woodlands!

We're honored and proud to announce that Dawson Safe and Lock was voted 1st place in this year's Best of the Woodlands competition in the 'Best Home & Commercial Security' category. We want to thank everyone who voted for us this year. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving and assisting with all your security needs. … [Read More...]


Quick fix key copying? Not so fast…

We’ve all been there – we’ve lost a house key or need to get a copy for a relative or roommate. It’s late and the local locksmith is closed for the day. Where do you go? One idea may be to look to online or self-serve options. However, these options may cause more problems than they solve. One of the most important things to consider before using an alternative key copying service is the … [Read More...]


Vote for Dawson Safe and Lock!!

The Best of the Woodlands Competition is happening from now until February 28th! Please vote for Dawson Safe and Lock in the 'Best Home Security, Theater & Automation' category! http://www.woodlandsonline.com/spgs/bestof/index.cfm … [Read More...]


Compliance with Arrow door closers

Arrow offers multiple closer options for compliance with barrier-free codes for interior or exterior doors. Our security assessment will help determine which is right for you. Give us a call (281-364-0500) or come by our shop! … [Read More...]


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